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Yes! We do provide home or office collection facility of blood sample so you can scheudule your health checkup at your own convenience from the comfort of your home. We can pick collect your blood sample as early as 6am in the morning to as late as 8 PM in the night. In Case of emergency, we can schedule a pick-up during midnight hours as well. Call on +91-9582095118 only for an emergency pickup during night.
We have a team of highly skilled and DMLT qualified technical professionals who bring their sample collection material along with them and store your blood sample in an ice pack stored in a cool box to maintain the sample quality. Be rest assured with our home collection facility as it is the number one choice of most of our customers. Just Call on 80-10-689-689 to schedule one today !
Some Tests Require Fasting some do not. All our health packages require fasting as most of the packages do contain lipid profile or Kidney function tests . Typically Lipid Profile tests such as Cholesterol and Triglycerides require fasting. Blood Sugar Fasting requires fasting. Kidney test, Uric Acid, also requires fasting. However, many tests do not require any fasting such as CBC, HbA1c, LFT Thyroid, Vitamin D3, B12, PSA, iron studies etc until specially specied by your consulting doctor. For mor information regarding this call on 80-10-689-689 or write to info@lalchandanipathlab.com
Typically tests like cholesterol, Triglyceries etc require an overnight fasting of minimum of 10-14 Hours along with abstinence from alcohol in the previous night.
Reports for most of the routine tests are available within 4-6 hours of sampling. The Reports of all our health packages are available within 4-6 hours through email or web-access. However there are many tests which require at least 2 working days. You can get in touch with the centre at 80-10-689-689 or write to info@lalchandanipathlab.com to enquire about any particular test turn-around-time.
You shall receive your reports through Web Access link sent on your mobile phone and/or Through Email and/or you can collect it from your nearest physical centre. In case of special requests the hard copy of the reports can be sent to your Home/office via our own delivery boy or a third party courier. We take immense pride in our premium services and are absolutely committed towards giving you the best experience possible therefore getting a hard copy should be the least of your worries.
We observe all NABL quality standards in our Lab. Also, we regularly compare our Lab Results with other NABL accreditated Labs. We use highly reliable Machines from Companies Like Siemens, , Johnson & Johnson etc which are of Global Gold standard. We have been in existence since more than 30 years and our chief pathologist Dr A Lalchandani actively takes part in everyday reporting. Our technicians are also highly experienced and trained with many of them possessing experience of more than 15 years. Our presence is in many of the leading hospitals such as Primus, Shanti Mukand, Nanda, MGS etc making us a trusted partner by hospitals and doctors. For more information on our Quality policy you can visit the following link

NABL stands for National Accreditation board for Testing and Caliberating Laboratories is the highest Quality Accreditating Body in India. It Annually Audits the Testing Labs for basic standard procedures which ensures quality of the test results. Some of these standard procedures include

  • Caliberation– Regular and timely Caliberation of  machines, the reagents of all tests, small instruments such as temperature recorder, microscope etc.
  • Controls – The Reagents of all tests under the NABL scope need to be tested at least once every day whether they are sensitive to both Positive /negative OR High/Low values. In simple words we need to test if our machine/reagents are able to detect normal and abnormal values with a corresponding predefined sample for us to be sure that our system is working fine and this we have to test everyday before we begin testing for real patients
  • Temperature logs – We have to maintain daily logs of temperature recordings every 2 hour of the room, storage refrigerators and more to be sure if an ambient temperature has been maintained for testing.
  • Customer Experience Process– We have to train our staff with an appropriate process of registring, handling, sampling and reporting of customers so that the whole process is easy and relaxed for the customers.

Contingency Training – The Staff has to be trained regarding contingency processes such as if a patient faints while drawing blood or if we encounter critically high value of some tests for which the patient or attendant need to be informed Immedietly. We have to maintain Documentation of such incidents with proper course of action for it to be audited by the NABL body.

Absolutely Yes ! You can call us on any of our listed numbers such as 80-10-689-689 and we shall arrange for a detailed explanation session over phone of your test results. Alternatively you can walk over at our GK-1 centre and have a pleasant meeting over a cup of tea with Dr A Lalchandani himself to understand about your test results. This service is absolutely free of cost
Yes, we do have on-Board General physician and other specialists with us. We can arrange an appointment with the particular doctor of your choice to take a corrective or preventive action post your test results.
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