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5 Telltale Signs you’ve Got Vitamin D Deficiency


Vitamin D is of paramount significance and bears powerful impacts on several body systems and processes. Vitamin D, unlike other vitamins, acts more like a hormone. Every cell in your body has a receptor to absorb it. Vitamin D is produced by your body with the help of cholesterol on exposure of your skin to sunlight. Even some fish enriched with fats and fortified dairy products are bonafide vitamin D sources.

Vitamin D deficiency is a commonly occurring phenomenon. Nearly 1 billion people worldwide are estimated to be having low vitamin D levels in their blood. As the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are very subtle, most people don’t realize its shortfall.

Read on to learn about 5 signs and symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.

  • 1. Getting Sick or Infected Often
  • Vitamin D plays a vital part in maintaining a strong immune system of your body. It helps fight against illness-causing bacteria and viruses. In case you’re laid up too often with colds or flu, vitamin D deficiency may have a hand in it. Many large-scale investigative studies have backed up a direct link between lack of vitamin D and major respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis, pneumonia and chronic lung disorder COPD.

  • 2. Bone and Back Pain
  • In a great many ways, vitamin D helps to keep up bone health. It reinforces the process by which your body absorbs calcium. Pain in your bones and lower back are telltale signs of the inadequacy of vitamin D levels in your bloodstream. Numerous research studies also have endorsed the possibility of chronic lower back pain arising due to lack of vitamin D. In addition, people with poor vitamin D levels are also likely to come across pain in their ribs or joints.

  • 3. Impaired Wound Healing
  • If you experience slow healing of wounds after an injury or post-surgery, it can be because of abnormally low vitamin D levels in your body. Researches indicate that the vitamin stimulates the generation of compounds critical to forming new skin in course of the healing process. Furthermore, the role of the vitamin to control inflammation or combat infection is indubitable. These two aspects are essential for proper healing. If you’re diabetic and encounter foot infections, it’s most likely that acute vitamin D deficiency can majorly jeopardize and delay the healing mechanism.

    There are many well-known clinics that offer diagnostic health services in Greater Kailash (GK) area of Delhi. If you or a loved one has run into such symptoms of retarded wound-healing, you can perform a vitamin D test in GK to confirm if you’re really with too little vitamin D.

  • 4. Fatigue and Tiredness
  • Having a feeling of tiredness can have a lot of causes. Surely vitamin D deficiency can be one of them. Sadly, this aspect is frequently ignored as a probable cause. Studies have shown that extremely low vitamin D levels in your blood can engender fatigue and lack of energy, besides derailing your quality of life. It’s imperative that you regularly take in sufficient vitamin D through your diet or supplements to boost your energy and vitality.

  • 5. Hair Loss
  • Severe hair loss can be the aftermath of vitamin D deficit, an underlying disease or any other nutrient deficiency. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder which has the characteristic of acute hair loss from the scalp and other body parts. It’s linked to rickets, a disease that results in soft brittle bones in children owing to vitamin D deficiency. One particular study showed enough evidence that alopecia areata is caused by very low vitamin D levels.

    If you think you’re short of vitamin D, it’s important that you consult your doctor immediately and through a vitamin D test in GK get your blood levels measured.

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