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Ultrasound Tests in Dr. Lalchandani Labs

Ultrasound Test in New Delhi
  • Residual Urine Ultrasound Starts at Rs 1200
  • Whole Abdomen Ultrasound Starts at Rs 1500
  • Lower Abdomen Ultrasound Starts at Rs 1200
  • Upper Abdomen Ultrasound Starts at Rs 1200
  • Pregnancy Level-1 Ultrasound Starts at Rs 2000
  • Pregnancy Level-2 Ultrasound Starts at Rs 2500

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3d ultrasound Test in New Delhi

Fetal ultrasound is a specialized form of ultrasound test performed during the pregnancy period. It helps in the creation of an image of the baby present within the mother’s womb. It’s considered a safe way to monitor the health of the unborn baby. In the course of a fetal ultrasound, the baby’s vital organs like head, heart, spine etc. are assessed. The test is conducted either inside the mother’s abdomen or the vagina. These are known as transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasounds respectively.

There are different types of available ultrasound tests in Delhi that are used to determine fetal health.

Standard ultrasound

It makes use of sound waves for creating two-dimensional images to be made visible on a computer screen.

Doppler ultrasound

It helps to exhibit the blood flow into the baby’s heart through the umbilical cord. It also displays the movement of blood between the baby and the placental sack.

3-D ultrasound

It creates a lifelike image of the unborn baby and a distinct visibility of its body features.

An ultrasound test is performed with the help of an electronic wand known as the transducer. It sends and receives sound waves and echoes. The procedure is free from any impact of radiation. When the transducer is glided over the abdomen, the sound waves transmit at varying speeds through the muscles, bones, fluids and skin. The sound waves hit and spring from the baby’s body back to the transducer like an echo. As a consequence, an electronic image called sonogram is formed on the computer screen by the transducer through the conversion of sound waves.

Beneficial Implications

As ultrasound doesn’t resort to using radiation in contrast to other screening procedures, the procedure has no history of causing potential health risks.

Although there is no fixed number of ultrasound tests earmarked to be covered during the pregnancy phase, they can be conducted for various purposed during the three trimesters. Further ultrasounds may be needed to monitor the conditions and rule out any probable concern related to the health of both the mother and the fetus.

With an ultrasound test in gk, obstetricians get the opportunity to scrutinize different life-threatening risks and conditions that may have an impact on fetuses. To facilitate correct health assessment, procedures such as Doppler monitoring, that makes use of ultrasonic sound waves are highly effective in measuring the blood flow and heartbeat rate of the fetus. Electronic fetal monitoring, an additional ultrasound method helps to obtain an impression of the mother’s abdominal contractions and the baby’s heartbeat rate.

Ultrasound scans carried out during the second trimester thoroughly looks into the anatomical aspects and concerns centering on organs like heart and liver. If necessary, 3D ultrasounds may be performed to help screen auxiliary health risks and matters.

Ultrasounds help bring practical aspects about fetuses to the fore, to enable parents plan methodically for a forthcoming birth. The exact resting place of the placenta can be identified and conditions like placenta previa can be detected which in turn comes to the aid of physicians to recommend and perform a C-section. As an efficacious diagnostic instrument, ultrasound helps gynecologists prepare women to get going with safer births through an advanced diagnosis of potential complications.

Ultrasound tests give families an opportunity to be presented with an overall fetal view well before its birth. With trendsetting innovation, sonograms can feature a growing fetus’s detailed features. These images are regularly preserved, shared and treasured for intimate values. Ultrasounds offer vital information regarding fetal health and provide a constructive approach for the parents to connect with their unborn babies as they make an emotional transition into parenthood.

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