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Get to know about what Sonography is and how it is performed?

sonography test in delhi

Sonography is also termed as an ultrasound scan and is a kind of medical test where it uses high-frequency sound waves to click pictures on the internal functioning of the body. This is the same scenario that is implemented by military people in order to detect the movement of planes and ships. Without going with the process of the incision, this test helps to know about the internal functioning of various tissues, organs, and vessels.

While almost all the other imaging techniques will go with the process of using radiation, ultrasound scan makes no use of radiation and because of this it is the most recommended scan to people to have a look at the baby growth while pregnancy.

This sonography test makes use of an instrument called a transducer to send sound waves into the body and then listen to the echo. With the help of a translator, the recorded sound waves are converted into an image. Through these images, one can know about the inner functioning of the body.

So, to perform this there are many diagnostic centers in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and other metro cities and even the small towns now where the test is performed in a cleaner environment. Sonography test in Delhi and other places is performed in many of the test centers. All the test centers are equipped with highly-skilled lab technicians and modernized laboratory equipment.

The correct diagnosis for any kind of disease leads to the best course of treatment and it depends mainly on the various tests to correctly know about the causes of diseases and their abnormalities. Sonography is done in test centers having has innovative laboratories to perform an array of tests and investigations that clearly shows what is the affected part.

The test centers also hold great recognition because they deliver the right service and care to their patients to make sure that there is less pain and easy way of collecting samples. Moreover, the technicians are punctual in delivering reports within the defined time and their skill in collecting samples will let the customers be in no trouble at all.

One can easily find consultation centers for Sonography test in Delhi and it is done through four steps which include filling up the form, receiving a call from the test center, let your sample be collected by them, and downloading or receiving the test reports in just a couple of hours.

The process that most centers follow for sonography is as follows:

The sonography process starts with changing your dress as one is supposed to wear a hospital gown. Then the patient is lay on a table where the desired section of the body that needs sonography will be exposed to the test. Then, a well-experienced technician also called as a sonographer performs the test by rubbing a transducer on the surface on the skin. This may make the patient feel some kind of pain, so to have a relief from this, the technician applies lubricating gel before rubbing the transducer and because of this lubricating gel, ultrasound waves are easily transmitted and show clear images.

The images get clearer when they hit a hard substance like organs and bones. These sound waves are then recorded into a computer, through the translator they are clearly converted into images and those are reviewed by a doctor.

Depending on the patient’s requirement, this ultrasound is performed and, in some cases, the patient is asked to change positions of the body where this helps to capture clear images. All the sonography test centers in Delhi and other cities offer complete screening and imaging services those ensure high quality care and service towards patients.

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