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5 Vital Things You Should Be Aware of Pregnancy Tests

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Nearly every woman, at some point in her life, will need to take a pregnancy test. Irrespective of what circumstances come about, it’s imperative to know most of the things you can in connection with them.

1. Paying more is of little consequence

Pregnancy tests definitely have variable price ranges. The cheaper ones put the classic 'line' on display on their screens. The more expensive ones explicitly tell you if you’re pregnant or not. Except for the fact that the ultimate result is given away in a more fancy way, using pricier options for a pregnancy test makes not much of a difference.

Let's be honest. In case you get a positive result, however much you expended on the kit, the result would still remain the same. Of course, it’s worth spending that extra money to know spot on how far has your pregnancy progressed. But, your general physician can anyway verify this for you as well. The average cost per kit to perform a pregnancy test in Delhi is around Rs 50.

2. The time you take the test makes a difference

There’s an underlying reason why the packet containing the tests suggests you come in for the test sometime during the morning wee. It’s primarily the levels of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) which the pregnancy test measures. And the density of hCG is highest when you urinate for the first time in the morning. Needless to say, you can take the test at midnight as well and still derive a correct result.

However, if you’re keen to wait till the morning, you would most likely make the best use of the kit when the day starts to obtain the clearest possible finding.

3. Negative test doesn’t necessarily imply you aren’t pregnant

Note that the exact time of the day not only has an impact. It’s the time of the month when you take the test and what actually shows up are aspects that hold equal importance. A negative test result generally spells out accuracy. However, it can spring up sneakily when you step through the test too soon for the hCG levels to grow and manifest. But, in this scenario as well, you’ve got a baby that’s growing inside you. It’s recommended to take the test often, from the time you experienced the first missed period.

You can conform to the same action in case you’ve got an irregular menstrual cycle; at least a fortnight later from the time you last engaged in unprotected sex. If such symptoms persist, yet the test proved negative on your initial attempt, it’s sometimes worth waiting more and trying again.

4. Pregnancy test kits come with an expiry period

Pregnancy test kits, in like manner as contraceptives, come with a best before date. Once it expires, the chemical that detects hCG becomes ineffective. This means your result could remain inconclusive.

Regardless of whether you actively try to conceive, stockpile a whole lot of test kits, it’s compulsory to verify the expiry dates written the box before you actually start using them.

On the off chance your period still doesn’t arrive, you run into spurts of morning sickness or come across any other early indication of pregnancy, yet your test results are anything but positive, it’s time to visit a Gynecologist and ascertain the latent problem.

5. They can’t tell all about the gender of the baby

For every woman out there giving a shot at the pregnancy test in Delhi, this one myth needs to be busted straight up. The quantity of hCG in your pee can raise expectations in your mind about a boy or a girl. But weeing on a supposedly 'gender reveal' stick isn’t going to magically divulge the gender of the baby in your womb for sure. Any test that comes up with promises to tell you whether it’s a ‘blue’ or a ‘pink’ is putting you on the wrong track.

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