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How HSG test is performed?

hsg test in punjabi bagh

HSG (hysterosalpingography) is a kind of X-ray that shows the detailed functioning of the woman’s uterus and fallopian tubes. In this X-ray, technicians use a contrast substance that shows the clear functioning of both uterus and fallopian tubes. This kind of test is also termed as fluoroscopy that creates a video image other than just taking snapshots.

To know if there are kind of blockages or other functional abnormalities in the fallopian tubes and uterus, a radiologist can have a clear look at the dye that goes through the entire reproductive system. Sometimes, it is also referred to as uterosalpingography.

As this is the most complicated test, hsg test is performed only by some of the test centers and those are well equipped to perform the test accurately. Nowadays, people suffer a lot with motherhood problems and the test plays an important part in eliminating a major part of it. The hsg test centers have well-experienced and well-trained technicians. Bearing the vision of providing accelerated treatment for motherhood, the test centers stand as great support for women everywhere and that is the reason you find hsg centers in Punjabi bagh, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and in other metros and towns as well.

In general, a hsg test involves pain and medication. The test centers are complete with all the essentials so that the patient gets the best of their service and care. The services and quality of work offered by these test centers are top-rated and includes accurate and well-organized reports. The laboratory equipment are contemporary ones and serve the needs of patients well.

People of punjabi bagh and its surrounding areas choose to perform their hsg tests at punjabi bagh as because they hold great trust, quality, cost-efficiency, accreditation and convenience for people. The clear and detailed understanding of the patient’s needs is one thing that make these test centers the best ones when compared with others.

As HSG test seems to be more complicated, one should need good guidance to know about what is hsg and what are the risks, procedures and process will be under hsg test. In every scenario, punjabh bagh is extending its development together with the progress in the healthcare department also. So, to facilitate the reproduction process in the right way there are many hsg test centers in punjabh bagh that help in detecting the problem area. In before to the period of 90’s, people used to go to other location to seek support for their infertility. But now, hsg test in punjabh bagh is conducted with extensive care and experienced physicians. Every physician will explain in clear about the patient’s infertility problem and support them with correct diagnosis. In addition to this, they will also suggest good diet that has to be followed.

The process of hsg test followed by these test centers starts with inserting a speculum inside the vagina that shows the clear part of the cervix located at the back of the vagina. The radiologist then cleans the cervix part and starts injecting anesthesia into the cervix in order to make the patient feel free from discomfort. Then after this, instead of a speculum, a cannula is inserted and then a dye is put through the cannula flowing into the different parts of fallopian tubes and uterus. Then the patient is positioned under the x-ray device where internal X-ray images are taken.

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