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Why go for ECG tests?

ecg test in punjabi bagh

In general, an ECG is a process of recording the electrical functioning of your heart. The test provides complete information about your heart rate and its functioning and outputs the result whether the heart gets extended or not because of increased blood pressure or some myocardial infarctions. One may prefer to go with ECG test if they find any risk factors or any kind of symptoms like palpitations or chest pain.

In some cases, ECG is termed as EKG and this process goes as placing of flat metal electrodes in the person's chest to find out the electrical charges produced by the heart during a heartbeat and they are pointed on a graph.

Punjabh bagh has seen excessive development in terms of transport system, commercial, banking, salons and restaurants. The location also holds prominence for the development of various diagnostic centers those offering their services for ECG, EEG, sonography and many others. Every diagnostic center is well equipped with experienced professionals, state-of-the-art tools and technologies and modernized diagnostic services where people can reach here at any time.

Committed to provide great quality, accurate and professional services to the customers, every center performs the test with great accuracy and generate reports those are so clear and detailed. ECG test in punjabh bagh is performed only after receiving the actual need of the patient and which what he/she suffers from.

As suggested by the physician ECG test is performed under great care and responsibility as otherwise it may result in wrong outputs. In some cases, the wrong outputs are achieved due to irregular functioning of testing equipment and other tools.

The reports of the ECG test in punjabh bagh show accurate results of how the heartbeats are happening in form of graphical representations. These test centers generate ECG reports abnormality of heart beats caused by various conditions like:

  • Elongation of heart
  • Low amount of blood flow to the heart
  • The improper functioning of the heart
  • Heart infections due to myocarditis or pericarditis
  • Intrinsic heart deformities consisting the operation of electrical systems
  • Improper heart functioning if in the case when heart arteries are blocked
  • Either heart does not function well due to slow, fast or rapid heartbeats
  • Cardiac constraints while intensive care monitoring or during any kind of emergency.
  • Defects in heart conducting systems
  • Insufficiency of blood chemicals which are responsible for controlling the heart functionality
  • Conducts ECG when there happens defect as because of previous heart attacks.

The test centers will perform ECG in the most accurate and detailed way that clearly shows the affected area of the heart in a highlighted color.

The procedure for ECG follows by taking out the clothes in the upper parts of the body so that the technicians can place electrodes on the chest and limbs, while for women, they a separate dress is offered in which the electrodes can be easily placed through the dress. The electrodes are attached to the above-specified parts with the help of suction cups or a sticky gel. These electrodes sense heartbeat and records the same in the ECG machine without any abnormalities.

The test centers also perform various kinds of ECG such as resting ECG, ambulatory ECG and cardiac stress ECG and in all instances accurate results are provided.

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