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Why Ultrasound tests are important and why you should not compromise the quality of tests


Why Ultrasound tests are important and why you should not compromise the quality of tests

With 32 years of experience in Pathology, We at Dr Lalchandani Labs are dedicated to offering the right ultrasound test in New Delhi. I believe that it’s essential to diagnose a problem at an early stage. There are several diagnostic centers in South Delhi but we use the latest equipment packed with highly experienced and trained Ultrasonologists and Radiologists. The labs have a perfect combination of machinery and human talent that’s a perfect match for excellent results. Some of their services include color Doppler, ultrasound, 2D echo, TMT and ECG and more. However, make sure that you choose the right path lab to diagnose any type of problem and Dr Lalchandani Labs is best you can get. Your life is precious; don’t harm it by reaching any ordinary path labs. I promise you, here, you’ll get the best benefit of your money for any kind of diagnoses.

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What is Color Doppler Ultrasound Test?

Color Doppler ultrasound test in New Delhi, Kolkata and Pune is the best example of giving quick results without causing any side effects. It’s considered the best way when it comes to evaluating the body veins and arteries without using X-rays and injections. And, we, at Dr Lalchandani Labs provide the best services when it comes to getting this facility. This type of ultrasound turns the sound waves into images, which provides the exact picture of the blood flow. A Doppler ultrasound test is helpful for doctors to check potential injuries in the arteries and to monitor treatments for certain veins and arteries. The common color Doppler test procedure includes renal, carotid, abdominal, gravid uterus, single limb and dual limb Doppler. So, why wait? Get an appointment now! Book @ +011 49057059, +011 49057058!

Why You Need Pulmonary Function Tests?

Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs) are a group tests that measure how well your lungs function. These tests are performed to see how well you breathe and how effective your lungs circulate oxygen to the rest of the body. With a Pulmonary Function Test in New Delhi, you get an overview of several lung problems, monitors asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asses the condition of your lungs before surgery. Usually, doctors prescribe these tests while you are already facing a problem that affects your lungs. This test is broadly used for asthma, respiratory infections, allergies, lung cancer, pulmonary tumor and more. I assure you, our trained and experienced staff will deliver supreme quality services.

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