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The various things to know about Diabetes


The various things to know about Diabetes

What is Diabetes? 
Diabetes occurs when blood glucose also known as blood sugar is high. So, basically, the blood glucose is an important source of energy and comes from the food you consume. 
Insulin is a hormone generated by the pancreas helps glucose from your food get into the cells to use it for energy. It also happens that sometimes your body doesn’t make any or enough insulin or does not use the insulin well enough. Glucose then remains in your blood & does not reach your cells.  
So, over the time having too much glucose in your blood can cause many health issues. 


What are the various types of Diabetes? 
The common types of Diabetes include – 

  • Type 1 Diabetes 
  • Type 2 Diabetes 
  • Gestational Diabetes 
  • Prediabetes 


Some tips to prevent diabetes in youth class (kids and teens):
1.    Add 1 to 2 hours of physical activity in your daily routine (jogging, swimming, or going to a gym). 
2.    Have a healthy diet (minimize the consumption of junk food, outside food, oily and spicy food). 
3.    Minimize sugar Intake: Cutting down sugar intake to a great extent especially the ones which contain high-sugar such as sweets, cakes, doughnuts, candies, pastries etc. 
4.    Over-weight: Being over-weight is the important cause of developing diabetes. Therefore, it becomes crucial for parents to have an eye on their kids eating habits. 


Some drinks which can help you manage your Diabetes: 
1.    Fresh vegetable & Fruit Juice (Homemade most preferred)
2.     Milk 
3.    Herbal Tea/ Green tea 
4.    Water (warm water preferred)  


Some facts about Diabetes as per World Health Organization (WHO):
1.    Diabetes is one of the causes of death in the world 
2.    An early diagnosis can help to deal well with Diabetes 
3.    Diabetes is an important cause of blindness and kidney failure  
4.    Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented 
5.    Nearly about 422 Million people in the world have Diabetes 


It becomes very important for a diabetic patient or a person suffering from any other diseases to take proper medical advice and treatment from your family doctor and follow it accordingly to get well soon.  

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