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The rise in physical inactivity among youths


The rise in physical inactivity among youths

Physical inactivity is on a rise since the introduction and evolution of technology. From ordering food to clothes to getting a makeover to sharing confidential information to every other thing can be done with just few clicks within the comfort of our homes.

Too much of something can be harmful.

Imagine a 13-year-old named Raj who could have spent time climbing trees or playing football or other sports with his friends is now confined to his home spending time with eyes fixated on the screen or playing video games due to lack of space and play area in the bustling city, reducing physical inactivity as he continues to grow. The lack of body movement can lead to weight gain and decreased body to strength ratio with each passing year.

Increased usage of automobiles and modern culture too have been a contributing factor for inactiveness, limiting body movement. The calories that needs to be burned stays pending with in the inactive youths causing obesity and other underlying diseases associated due idleness.

According to WHO, 3.2 million deaths each year are attributed to insufficient physical activity. Our brain development and growth accelerate with good levels of physical activity that nourishes the overall body and mind. When children and youths are deprived of physical activity, physical development becomes impaired with time causing discomfort with our own body.

The current lockdown too has affected our mobility and engraved the fears of unforeseen circumstances. This has triggered metal instability and threaten mental wellbeing for the past few months. The need for venting out via physical workout or other forms of physical activity has become a need.

Thus, just like developing skills are important, physical literacy too must be taken into consideration. The combination of lack of activity has become a way of life, incorporated by several population of different countries, resulting in higher rates of cardiovascular and underlying diseases and increased death rates in early age.

To avoid and put an end to this chain, it must be broken by inculcating inhouse workout and encouraging sports at early stages of life. This will ensure inactivity does not become a part of youth life, reducing the cases of inactivity.

Encouraging healthy lifestyle by trending it on social media can to help youths to maintain healthy lifestyle and transform their life for better future.

There are many ways to break this chain of inactiveness, all one needs to make a firm decision to break from the shackles and keep body moving.

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