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Tests to diagnose Thyroid functions


Tests to diagnose Thyroid functions

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland that is situated on the lower part of the neck below Adam’s apple. This gland secretes various hormones which are collectively called thyroid hormones which are produced with the help of iodine from the diet. It influences metabolism, growth and development, mood, energy generation, and body temperature. 

Hypothyroidism occurs when the gland does not produce enough hormones and symptoms like weight gain, lack of energy, and depression.

Whereas in case the gland releases excess amounts of hormones, it is called hyperthyroidism which elevates the higher level of anxiety and tremors and sudden weight loss.

What is a thyroid function test?

A thyroid function test is a series blood test that helps to determine how well the thyroid gland is working. T3, T3RU, T4, TSH are the tests that done to understand the function of the gland.

Patients' history, physical examination, and medical condition are taken into consideration to determine the cause of thyroid abnormality. 

Thyroid antibodies, ultrasound of the thyroid gland, nuclear medicine thyroid scanning, thyroid biopsy, etc. are some of the other tests that are considered to understand the underlying cause.

If your blood test suggests an overactive or underactive thyroid gland, the doctors might suggest an ultrasound to diagnose tumors. In case all is well, the doctor will prescribe medication as per the diagnosis to regulate thyroid function. 

Follow up with the doctor on regular intervals with the necessary tests to make sure the medication is working

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