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Tech-Health Gadgets for Your Daily Use


Tech-Health Gadgets for Your Daily Use

When it comes to fitness and health, then many make claims about ways to improve health and use technology for keeping people in shape and on track. But, today, the market is filled with many smart tech devices and so, people find it tough to discover the gadgets that work. You can always check out the following clever health gadgets that would aid you in living a better life:


  • Your EKG – This FDA-cleared and nifty mobile EKG monitor permit people to track the health of their heart from anywhere and anytime. When combined with its committed application, Kardia Mobile, it delivers a medical-grade ECG (electrocardiogram) to your smartphone and that too in 30 seconds only!


  • Portable Gluten tester – This tester is complete with many one-time-use test capsules plus a proprietary application that permits people to track as well as share data with various other users, and so, this pocket-sized sensor can turn as a lifesaver for people suffering from celiac disease or gluten allergies.


  • Tracker-Watch Hybrid – This is a stylish and elegant fitness tracker-watch hybrid that has been designed by a French company. Its job is counting your steps, monitoring your sleep, tracking your swimming, and it also records the calories you have burned. 


  • Teeth Whitener – This high-tech teeth whitening device makes use of ground-breaking technology Guided Light Optic or G.L.O. for delivering long-lasting and professional results on the go or at home. 


  • Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor – When then matter comes to on the go monitoring of blood pressure, then nothing can turn out to be more effective than this gadget. You can easily use this health gadget and it synchronizes with people’s smartphones through Bluetooth automatically. 


  • Metabolism tracking device – When you connect to this app, then this gadget takes every guess work from your nutrition. By analyzing your breath, it would be able to tell you if you are burning fat or carbs. Additionally, this app provides people tips, like taking some additional sleep, doing a camp workout, etc. for keeping people’s health progress moving frontward.

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