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Pathology: A Booming Area in Medical Science


Pathology: A Booming Area in Medical Science

The medical and healthcare sector has improved manifold in the recent times, especially after the advent and introduction of digital technology in the field of medical science. Almost every single day sees a new development or innovation in the sector. Diagnosing and curing life-threatening diseases are becoming easier and even the deadliest ailments are soon to be beaten by the advancement in the healthcare field.

Pathology, perhaps the most important sector of Medical Science, has seen a massive boom in the recent years. To be completely fair, it is the field of Pathology that assists the rest of the healthcare segments to understand the nature of diseases and catch them before they become fatal. In India alone, over 650 accredited Pathology labs are conducting tests and offering consultations.

Speaking of India, it is one of the countries which is witnessing an enormous scope for Pathology to grow and improve. It has become even easier to claim so with the gigantic change that Digital Pathology Technology has brought in the area of this particular science. As a matter of fact, the top world countries, including the United States and Europe, have their attention towards India’s pathology sector.

Being the second-most populous country in the world, India has an ever-growing need for healthcare. Additionally, the increased sending capability of the middle income group, growing life expectancy, and increased lifestyle-based diseases add to the driving force behind the nation’s need to emerge as a star in the field of medicine and healthcare, particularly Pathology.

While analyzing the current medical scenario in the country, it can be concluded that even though India is showing and has even greater potential in the field of Pathology, achieving the kind of result could be slightly challenging. This is simply because, unlike the first-world countries such as the United States, the way of performing pathological tests aren’t centralized. When there is one centralized lab with multiple satellite labs which are used to drain and process samples while keeping in mind a standard protocol for quality control and accreditation.

Another major challenge that the Indian market faces is the fact that only 10% of its pathology market is a part of organized sector while the remaining 90% is non-organized. In fact, as compared to the 650 registered labs, there are over thousands of unregistered and unaccredited labs which are accounted for.

Despite these shortcomings and challenges, the pathology sector in India is extremely dynamic and promising. Accredited pathology laboratories such as Dr Lalchandani Lab have been delivering world-class testing and diagnostic services for the last three decades. Not only do they offer exception pathology and radiology services, they also provide Hospital Lab Management, Corporate Health Checkup, as well as Doctor Consultation. They have also been operating as a Blood Bank for the last 25 years and offer midnight emergency testing and sample collection services.

Even though Dr Lalchandani Lab provides quite a few exclusive services, there are various others in the field who offer equally innovative pathology facilities. Now the call is yours to choose the one that serves you the best.

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