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Level 2 Scan test in Delhi - Importance, Process & Significance


Level 2 Scan test in Delhi - Importance, Process & Significance

About Level Scans: 

Level scans are also called Anomaly scans. The level 2 ultrasound is for understanding the growth of fetal anatomy in the womb. The level scans are a step ahead of the standard ultrasound scans. Usually, suggested in the second trimester of pregnancy, between 18-22 weeks. The scan provides explicit details of the growth of the foetus and its organs, which cannot be detected in the standard ultrasound. 

Purpose of the Scan: 

The purpose of this ultrasound is to examine the development of the organs and to reassure that the growth of the baby is normal. The scan also ensures that the organs of the foetus are functioning normally and detects if there are any abnormalities with any of the following organs. Examining the following organs and their development: 

- Shape, size and structure of the head and the brain. While examination, the practitioner will be able to detect brain problems (If there are any). 

- The chambers of the heart - atria and ventricles (Should be equal in size), the valves of the heart should open and close with each heartbeat to ensure that the heart is functioning normally. 

- The structure of the face is also examined with the eye sockets, eyeballs, ears and the area of the nose. 

- Ensuring that the baby lies in the amniotic fluids of the placenta, the foetus usually swallows these fluids, but not to worry, it is quite normal. During the examination, these fluids are visible in the stomach of the baby has black droplets. 

- The shape and size of the spine, to ensure all the bones are aligned and the back is covered with appropriate skin. 

- The functioning of kidneys are essential for the development of the foetus, the practitioner will see that the foetus has two kidneys and there is an appropriate flow of urine in the bladder of the foetus. 

- Examining the growth of the limbs, the practitioner will check the fingers and toes of the foetus. 

- The practitioner will also make it a point to ensure the location of the placenta, check the amniotic fluid and the umbilical cord. 

If any abnormalities are detected during level 2 scans, the doctors will assist you with immediate treatment options, to prevent serious complications. Therefore, Level 2 scans have been made essential. Due to your anomaly scans, visit www.lalchandanipathlab.com/ for accurate results.

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