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How much water to drink/day?


How much water to drink/day?

People often wonder as to how much water they require to drink per day? Actually, this is a simple question but doesn’t have an easy answer. Various studies have come up with differing recommendations and your water needs are dependent on many factors, like your health, your living place, and many other things. There isn’t a proven formula that fits for all but when you know about your body’s requirement for fluids; however the requirements vary with every body type. 

People tend to lose water through their perspiration, bowel movements, and urine and for the proper functioning of their bodies; it is important to maintain the water levels in your body by consuming fluids. 

As per the National Academy of Engineering, Medicine, and Sciences, proper fluid intake per day is as mentioned as below:

  • For males, nearly 15.5 cups or 3.7 L.

  • For females, nearly 11.5 cups of 2.7 L.

These recommendations do cover fluids from beverages, water, and food. Nearly 20% of everyday fluid intake comes from daily food as well as rest from drinks. 

The advice regarding drinking eight glasses of water daily

It is impossible to find someone who hasn’t heard that we humans require drinking 8 glasses per day. The majority of the healthy individuals can stay hydrated when they drink water and other fluids whenever they are thirsty. For a few, lesser than 8 glasses of water might turn out to be sufficient, even though some might require more. 

Generally dinking too much amount of water in a healthy diet seem to be rare but when kidneys do not excrete efficiently, then the sodium content of blood becomes diluted and it can turn out to be life-threatening. Generally, drinking too much water seems unusual in healthy people who take an average diet.

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