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How health packages can help you get fit and healthy?


How health packages can help you get fit and healthy?

Health packages have become popular as a comprehensive test for the whole body or to study individual cases of health problems. In short health packages testsare meant for assessing all parameters of the body. This helps to find out the root cause of diseases or alert you against probable chances of health complications like malignancy.

Simply put, health packages are key to stay fit and healthy because they help you take the right medical help and preventive measures.

Most of the pathology centres of India like pathology lab in Punjabi Bagh offer personal health check-up and family health check-up.Packages. Another popular offering includes corporate health check-up packages meant for people who are into white-collared jobs.

The Popular Packages of Pathology Centre in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi

Some of the popular health check-up packages at Path lab in Punjabi Baghinclude Complete Body Profile, Basic Blood Profile, Diabetes Control Package, and Female Hormone Profile.


What Does Health Check-up Package Include?

Diagnostic lab in Punjabi Bagh, the leading pathology centre in West Delhi with specialised doctors on board, offers wide range of health tests as part of the health packages. The wide spectrum of tests include:

  • Thyroid Profiling of T3, T4 and TSH
  • Liver Profiling
  • Lipid Profiling
  • Urine Test and Culture
  • Renal Profiling of Creatinine, Urea, Uric Acid, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium
  • X-ray Imaging
  • Ultrasound
  • Mammography
  • ECG
  • ECHO Screening
  • Tread Mill Test
  • Diabetic Tests (Fasting and PP)
  • Blood Tests (Blood Group, Haemoglobin, R.B.C./ W.B.C./ Platelet count, E.S.R, P.C.V.)
  • Vitamin Test

How does Health Check-up Programmes Help to Keep Us Fit?

If you are health-conscious and want to enjoy a fit and fine life, then avail the umpteen benefits of health packages available in all premiumhealthcare and diagnostic centres.


First, by comprehensive health check-up of all the important organs of the body (heart, lungs, liver kidney, brain, etc.), health packages ensure that a person is screened for best diagnosis and treatment.

Second, basic tests like blood profiling, blood sugar level, thyroid screening and lipid profiling can always give you a better picture of the status of your precious health.

Third, you can opt for calculating BMI to check whether you have crossed the threshold limit of obesity. This will help you to control weight gain by dietary and lifestyle changes as prescribed by medical professionals.

Fourth, senior citizens should always opt for frequent health check-ups to prevent diseases related to old age.

Fifth, health check-ups prior to marriage help to detect whether you are a carrier of thalassemia gene or you have negative blood group. Reluctance to do such tests is dangerous - it might lead to birth of thalassemia-affected babies and potential genetic blood disorders in the second child (first child is spared when one parent has negative blood group).

Sixth, women-oriented tests are a saviour to prevent gynaecological diseases and malignant complications.

Seventh, you can protect your children with paediatric health packages to take safeguard measures against child obesity and other physical complications.

Consultation fromDoc Key to Remain in Pink of Health

Know how healthy you are, what remedial measures and changes in lifestyle you need to undertake from the doctors cum consultants at the diagnostic centres of India. Screening of health is the best step for preventing stroke, heart attack and cancer.

Talking to a healthcare professional is always good because it can help keep a tab on your stress level, anxiety, blood sugar and blood pressure.Weight management consultation and essential tips for balanced diet and physical activities will assure you a healthy, physically fit and well-toned body.

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