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Handy Tips – To protect you from Cold & Flu


Handy Tips – To protect you from Cold & Flu


The effective 10 tips for protecting yourself from the flu are the following:

  • Hand wash: You must keep your hands clean by washing it with soap or a hand-wash as it is one of the best defenses for protecting yourself from germs. 

  • Use a hand sanitizer: When you do not have soap and water with you, you can use a hand sanitizer.

  • Don’t bite your nails: Regardless of your washing your hands regularly, your fingers do not leave anything from touching and your nails accumulate them that include bacteria and germs. Hence, you must refrain from biting your nails.

  • Disinfect the high-touch places: Germs do live on a hard surface for many hours and at times for several days too. Door handles, bathroom and kitchen countertops, gym equipment happen to be breeding grounds for bacteria and germs and so, it becomes highly important to disinfect them.

  • Never forget the laundry: Towels, bedding, and clothes are culprits that spread infectious germs along with cold and flu. So, you must wash these items in hot water and use color-safe bleach for wiping germs. 

  • Have a sound sleep: According to research, people who get lesser than 7 hours of sleep every night become prone to catching a cold than those who get nearly eight hours of sleep. So, it is very important to get quality sleep and that too regularly for strengthening your immune system. It will help your body fight - flu, cold, and various other infections.

  • Boost your immune system: A person can boost his body’s capability to ward off sickness when he adds the appropriate nutrients and vitamins to his diet. Research suggests that Vitamin C can help in shortening the duration of colds besides preventing them. Additionally, vitamin D3 can also support a person’s immune system.

  • Get vaccine regularly: You must get yourself immunized for avoiding influenza. Flu viruses do mutate every season and so, a person requires getting a vaccine every year.

  • Stay alert: It is always advised to stay away from people who are sick. Cover your mouth at the time of coughing and preferably with something but not your hand.

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