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Dr. Lalchandani Labs- HealthCare Solution for Millennial


Dr. Lalchandani Labs- HealthCare Solution for Millennial

People today approach diagnostic center in order to get their health checked. However, the number of people who wish to get their health checked on a regular basis is still less. Also, the best diagnostic center is the one that offers suitable health packages to patients at convenience and comfort.

Dr Lalchandani Labs, Greater Kailash?—?1, Delhi is acknowledged as a one-stop solution to all your healthcare need. This is because the laboratory presents comprehensive health packages which help you to get your health checked thoroughly. The laboratory possesses experience of 30+ years, and it offers cost-effective packages. It has NABL- India’s highest accreditation, so there is no doubt in its service.

Why going for appropriate health checkups package is important?

The choice of appropriate health checkups package leads you to better diagnosis of your body. You can easily diagnose the prevailing disease inside your body. Also, it can detect the future spread of disease in your body, on early basis. It is observed that limited affordability and limited access to quality medical services are usually among the key challenges contributing to inappropriate responses to ailment control. The reason behind this is not choosing appropriate health check-up package or not even deciding to avail health check-up.

How we serve our customers uniquely?

Dr. Lalchandani Labs, Delhi is committed to offering quality health checkups with years of experience. You can get cost-effective packages in a convenient manner. The health check-up can be accomplished at home or office, with complete comfort and peace of mind. Moreover, the laboratory offers the facility of home or office collection facility of collection of blood sample. Therefore, customers can easily schedule their health check-up conveniently. This is the laboratory that presents a system of the online booking, so the hassle of registration gets resolved.

Comprehensive Packages for health check-up:

We at Dr Lalchandani Labs, Delhi present an extensive range of preventive health package to fit people of different age and different lifestyle. The packages offered here can assist you to identify the diseases which have already affected your body easily, or there is a great risk of its spread in the near future. In this way, customers can be able to treat their health conditions on time and efficiently.

The health package starts from as low as Rs.699. A single health check-up package offers the customers an extensive range of tests. For instance, a diabetes control package will include blood sugar test, blood count test, lipid profile (heart function) test, urine examination, etc. In addition to that, the laboratory offers Basic Blood Profile package, Complete Body Profile package, Diabetes Control package, Male Package, Female Hormone Profile package, Female Wellness Profile package, etc. Each of these packages encompasses different test which ultimately helps customers to analyze their health state. We also do have on-Board General physician and other specialists with us. We can arrange an appointment with the particular doctor of your choice to take a corrective or preventive action post your test results.

If you’re looking for Basic Health checkups to Platinum Health Checkups, simply get an appointment at Dr. Lalchandani Labs. Call now @ +01149057059, +8010689689

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