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Count your Blood Count


Count your Blood Count

Your blood is the sustaining fluid in your body and keeping an eye on the condition of your blood cells is a responsibility you cannot overlook. The best way to go about it is to do a CBC test or a complete blood count test.

Complete blood test in Punjabi Bagh can be done easily and with no hassle. Whether you are sick or not, this test is necessary for a thorough evaluation of your blood cells and health in general. Any discrepancies caught in the result of your CBC test might be indications towards other medical conditions that need attention and treatment.

What is the Complete Blood Count Test and why is it needed?

A CBC test will assess a sample of your blood and in the results, you get back from the lab will mention the counts of mostly five components which comprises blood:

  • RBC or Red Blood Cells that carry oxygen
  • WBC or White Blood Cells that build immunity
  • Hemoglobin, the protein responsible for oxygen carriage in RBCs
  • Hematocrit, the RBC to plasma proportion in blood
  • Platelets, the blood-clotting element

When the results reveal a count of any one of these components higher or lower than the standard count, it can mean further ailment is present in the body, and it is preferable to see your regular doctor with the results.

CBC is mostly prescribed by physicians for a routine checkup purpose, or to analyze symptoms such as fever, nausea, bleeding, inflammation, infection or weakness and find out the causal malady, or to screen an already existent ailment such as anemia, leukemia, cancer or other autoimmune diseases.

What to expect in a CBC test?

You can do get your CBC test done in any blood test lab in Delhi. It is a simple enough procedure. Once you produce the prescription where the test is mentioned by the doctor, your blood sample is taken with a needle and stored in a vial. Unless stated otherwise by your physician, you can maintain your regular schedule of food and water intake.

When your results come, it will mention your blood counts and if there is any inconsistency in the count. It will also mention the standard levels of complete blood counts so that you have an idea of the disparity.

What could be the reason behind the discrepancy?

A lower count of either RBC, hemoglobin or hematocrit can indicate a case of anemia, and a higher one might be because of an underlying heart condition.

Similarly, a lower count of WBCs denote the presence of an autoimmune disease like cancer or issues in the bone marrow, and a higher WBC count is an indication of an infection in the body. Deviation from the normal level in white blood cells can also happen because of certain medication.

A high or low platelet count is usually a way to diagnose an unrevealed medical condition and determine the severity of it. In such a situation, further additional tests are needed to pinpoint the illness and pursue further treatment.

CBC is a very commonly prescribed blood test that most physicians resort to when it comes to diagnosing common symptoms. If you are prescribed, there are numerous pathological labs and diagnostic centers to do your complete blood test in Lajpat Nagar.

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