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Corona and approved PathLabs


Corona and approved PathLabs

People affected of corona is on a rise in India, like all other countries. To prevent the spread, it is crucial to identify the patients who are carrier of this virus. Currently tests were being carried on in government hospitals, but now private labs too have opened their gates to test patients with symptoms.

Around 51 private laboratories with National Accreditation Board of Texting and Calibration of Laboratories (NABL) certification can conduct tests of novel corona virus. Several private labs such as Dr. Lalchandani Labs, Mendata Medicity and Apollo hospitals provide facilities like home sampling, where the faculty goes to the customer’s home to collect their sample. This will also help to restrict the spread and prevent the spread of virus in diagnostic centres as well.

Pathology labs like Dr. Lalchandani labs have even used social media like Instagram and Facebook to educate the young minds and also the adults through their posts and stories. Emails and inmailers from different hospitals and health care centres have been sent out to enlight the precautional measures and the importance of taking it seriously. It also emphasis on getting check-up done in case any symptoms surfaces.

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