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Can Coffee Stunt Childhood Development?


Can Coffee Stunt Childhood Development?

As per studies some drinks/foods have caffeine content. With respect to several researches, there is a probable connection of coffee which leads to infertility, cancer, heart disease plus a host of various other problems. 

Most people have a perception that coffee might hold their growth and it is a common belief. Actually, there isn’t any scientific evidence that suggests that coffee is capable of holding the growth. This idea might have evolved from the misinterpretation that coffee leads to Osteoporosis, which is a condition that might be related to the overall human development.  However, relating to only coffee for lack of growth without any concrete evidence is unfair. 

Below are the reasons why we think so?

  • Coffee doesn’t cause Osteoporosis. 

  • Osteoporosis doesn’t necessarily hold your growth.

Coffee does not hold childhood development but certainly does comprise caffeine that stimulates people’s CNS (Central Nervous System). 

For the majority of the people, having coffee couple of times will not be harmful. On the contrary, if you are consuming more caffeine, particularly when you have been getting from various other sources, like energy drinks or soda, then you must reduce your intake. Higher intake of caffeine can result in dizziness, anxiety, and it can also disturb your normal sleep.

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