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Blood Test Can Help Diagnose Ovary Symptom


Blood Test Can Help Diagnose Ovary Symptom

Ovarian cancer must be diagnosed in its early stage. But how will you do the same if you don’t know the chances. There are lots of people who lose the chances of effective treatment. However, a newly developed blood test can change the game. Very few ovarian cancers are detected at their early stage. If this type of cancer is found earlier, approximately 93 percent of patients can live longer than expected. As per the experts in medical lab at Delhi, patients will live extra 5 years upon the estimation. Therefore, a newly developed blood test helps to find all the answers regarding ovarian cancer. Blood test done at medical labs could be a major breakthrough for patients. There are a couple of tests which are used for detecting the ailment. These include CA-125 and ultrasounds. CA-125 is a type of protein found in female blood stream, especially if the lady has ovarian cancer. 

  • What CA-125 Test

It is a testing process that measures the overall amount of protein (CA-125) in the blood. Most women suffering from ovarian cancer are high on this particular protein. This test is clinically proven and thus, is useful for marking tumor. Therefore, the discernment of tumor helps to guide the treatment at prominent rate. However, specialists and experts from the University of Adelaide have identified a toxin based on bacteria. This toxin is produced by a specific bacteria and it has been discovered that the same allows tracking human cancer cells. The toxin is responsible for recognizing N-glycolylneuraminic acid that contains abnormal chain of sugar, and glycans which are commonly found on cancer cells. This toxin is later released in the bloodstream. 

  • The Results May Not Be Effective

It has been also seen that women blood with high content of CA-125 don’t have ovarian cancer. Instead of ovarian cancer, they may even have other form or different conditions like pelvic inflammatory diseases, cirrhosis, fibroids, and endometriosis. However, half of the females with early cancer have normal or lower level of CA-125. Sometimes cysts are benign and thus, there is no sign of cancer. This leads to unnecessary surgery.


  • Important Considerations of Blood Tests

Doctors usually switch to surgery while checking cancer when they found CA-125 test or ultrasound is not normal. In such cases, the ovary is removed. As per the study shown in the United States, most women have faced severe complications after completion of surgery. There is a high chance of risk even from laparoscopy. This type of surgery is done with very small tools through a tiny cut. In some cases, women even choose to remove both their ovaries during the procedure. This leads to early menopause and thus, increases the risks of heart attacks, hip fractures and dementia.

CA-125 blood tests are costly as it leads to a number of post process and follow-ups. Depending on the complications, the overall expense may reach a lot higher. Considering this, it is important consult your situation with a certified doctor before choosing the option of blood test in Delhi.

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