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Best of Care, Close to Home - Dr Lalchandani Labs


Best of Care, Close to Home - Dr Lalchandani Labs

There was a time in world history when medicine and the health sector wasn’t so developed at all and getting yourself treated or even just tested meant a lot of complications and a lot of expenditure. However, with several technological advancements over the years, not only the face of medical science has changed, but also getting diagnosed and treated on time has become extremely convenient and cost-effective.

Dr Lalchandani Labs, a leading pathology lab with over 32 years of rich expertise in the field of medicine and pathology, is one such name in the Indian medical sector which has made its mark in the field by continually delivering flawless services.

Accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) for its unfathomable trust and quality, the laboratory not only excels in the field of pathology but also radiology, corporate health checkups, hospital management, and Doctor Consultation. Furthermore, Dr Lalchandani Labs is also a registered Blood Bank which works 24-hours and offers Packed Red Blood Cells (PRBC), Whole Human Blood, FFP, and several other services.

One of the most significant services offered by Dr Lalchandani Labs is their home/office collection facility. This means that you don’t have to make the effort of visiting their centers if you don’t have time or if it is far from you, instead they can help you schedule health checkup when you want and where you want. They also offer blood sample collection facilities from 6 AM till 8PM as well as emergency midnight services.

Additionally, the medical practitioners who visit your home or office to collect your samples or perform your health checkup are highly proficient and DMLT certified. They carry all the appropriate tools and storage facilities to ensure that your samples are well-preserved and safe, and that none of them are tapered in any natural or unnatural way.

An interesting and unique feature of Dr Lalchandani Labs is that not only do they provide super-fast (4-6 hours) test results (for most routine tests) but they provide these results via a web link that will be sent to you on your phone or via email. Not only that, once you have your test results, you can contact the laboratory for a detailed explanation of your results. This can be done via a phone call or by simply walking in to their Greater Kailash 1 center and discuss it with Dr. A. Lalchandani himself over a soothing cup of tea. And, the greatest part about this consultation is that it is absolutely complementary.

Furthermore, you can also request a Doctor Consultation regarding your test results. Dr Lalchandani Labs has highly-experienced General Physicians and other medical specialists with whom the laboratory can set up an appointment for you.

Being located in the heart of South Delhi, Dr Lalchandani Labs is easily accessed from all around the city, however, the strategic location is especially beneficial for those who live in and around the area as they have the best opportunity to avail the laboratory’s world-class services right on their doorstep.




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