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Benefits of Gold Card for Delhiites


Benefits of Gold Card for Delhiites

The concept of family in India is not just limited to relationships but the bonds and care that surrounds and revolves around it. Many Indian families are structured as joint families living together with each member looking after the other. In recent times, especially the urban areas, the dynamics of this structure is moving forward towards nuclear systems.

The concept of independent lives has spurred the nuclear family system in motion for over many years from now. The busy lifestyle and fast paced lives leave less to almost no time for self-care, increasing the number of health risks in the past few years.

Pathology labs like Dr. Lalchandani labs in Dehi have taken the initiative to promote health care and regular appointments for tests with their premium gold card for the family. The enticing benefits of this card encourages families to keep a track of the family and their loved ones.

These alluring benefits of the gold card are as follows-

  • Home collection services: You can now just stay home and register for the tests that needs to be done with precise date and time. The team will be arrived at the given day to collect samples required for the tests that needs to be performed.
  • Free 1st dietician consultation: The leading cause of sickness is the unhealthy diet and constant consumption of unbalanced diet. The concept of diet and dietician is the most underrated concept with many misconceptions. Ward of these to begin a healthy life with free dietician consultation according to your body needs.
  • Free sugar test for all members for an entire year: People suffering from diabetics need to keep their blood sugar in check regularly. Free sugar test will not only save expenditure on a test but encourage the entire family to track the course of sugar levels
  • 30% off on all lab tests: You or your family will not have to think twice about the costs of tests that needs to be done. Enjoy the discounts and waivers on all lab tests with the gold card.

These benefits can be availed by three family members i.e. the spouse and 2 children, perfect for families. This card can be gifted to your loved ones as health itself is a precious gift.

Our health is our hands and so is our families. The best way to keep a track of the health concerns is by registering for these packages and cards which are cost saving and effective at the same time along with utmost experienced and renounced pathology labs in Delhi.

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