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Abnormal CBC Results Help to Diagnose Heart Defects and Other Health Problems


Abnormal CBC Results Help to Diagnose Heart Defects and Other Health Problems

Health check-up is of utmost importance to stay fit and fine. One of the best tests that can evaluategeneral functioning of the body, the functioning of heart (the most important human organ) and give clue to onset of diseases in the body is CBC (Complete Blood Count)Test.

Normal test results is a signal that a patient do not have any health complications but abnormal CBC results help to diagnose numerous health issues, such as:

  • Infections & Inflammation in the body
  • Blood disorder like thalassemia
  • Cancer like leukaemia
  • Abnormality in bone marrow formation & its failure
  • Autoimmune deficiencies of the body
  • Deficiency of minerals and vitamins within the body
  • Anaemia
  • Fluid loss on account of dehydration
  • Effects of chemotherapy on cancer patients
  • Effect of prolonged use of medicines
  • Effects of specific type of antibiotics

What is CBC Test?

CBC is among the common tests prescribed by doctors to assuage the condition of human body. It primarily gives details of the three components of blood cells – R.B.C (which carries oxygen), W.B.C (which provides immunity), and Platelets (helps in blood clotting). It also provides information of physical attributes of these cells in parameters of shape, size and quantity. You also get to know haemoglobin (oxygen-carrying protein within blood) and haematocrit (proportion of R.B.C. to blood plasma count).

At Dr.Lalchandani Labs, you get experienced sample collectors and pathologists taking onus of blood test in PaschimVihar. For CBC test, blood sample is collected from the arm of an adult. In case of babies, blood is drawn out with a needle from the heel.

Can CBC Detect Heart Ailments?

Generally Lipid Profile Test and CRP (C- Reactive Protein) Test are the best tools to judge heart health and its abnormalities.But there is a connection between CBC with heart health. Complete blood count results can help a cardiologist detect complications of the pumping organ of the human body.

CBC is used as a tool to detect CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) since it can diagnose anaemia which is known to induce CHF and create similar symptoms of CHF.

CBC measurements of platelet, haematocrit and haemoglobin values along with W.B.C count help to assuage risks related to coronary heart defects and chances of heart attack in a patient.


The Importance of Health Check-up

Address any kind of health disorientation you notice in daily life because work stress is pushing human beings to the brink of destruction. Heart failure and cerebral stroke have become common menace snuffing away precious lives.

Before things get late schedule an appointment with doctor; there are many medical facilities and labs which have the facility of corporate health check-up. Premium healthcare organisationDr.Lalchandani Labs, blood test lab in PaschimVihar, have the finestand well-supervisedmedical and test facilities which includeECG and CBC tests besides the rest of test options.

Dr.Lalchandani Labs is the one-stop solution for complete blood test in PaschimVihar. On top, Lalchandani Labs has the best cardiologist in the panel of most experienced doctors. There is no chance of misdiagnosis because the cardiologist takes the best step forward. CBC test happens to be an integralpart of routine cardio check-up in order to rule out chances of infections and life-threatening blood disorders.

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