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A switch to home collection services over lab visits


A switch to home collection services over lab visits

Health is wealth and it should definitely should not be ignore in any circumstances. Regular health check-ups and consultations are pivotal for good health and tracing underlying diseases and their causes at early stages.

The tremendous change in lifestyle has disrupted and underrated the health of many, increasing the numbers of sickness and mental stressors in our day to day life. The metropolitan life with a twist of modernisation has triggered ignorance of regular health check-ups as people find no time or gather enough efforts to visit labs in the said time.

Amid the current corona virus crisis, social distancing too plays an important role that triggers anxiety and fear among patients. The fear has caused many to refrain from getting their tests done. As a result, pathologies like Dr. Lalchandani labs in Delhi facilitate home collection service not just to the elderly and seriously ill but to all.

A small initiative will ensure that people get their necessary tests done on time without the fear of getting infected. The service also encourages people to book an appointment according to their availability and convenience, ensuring flexibility and zero excuses to avoid regular check-ups.

The switch to home collection services would also reduce anxiety in patients who dread going to hospitals, clinics, pathology labs or any medical centres, as home is a place of comfort and being the only one to be tested would get the process done sooner.

Visiting labs too can be time consuming and uncomfortable at times when tests require fasting or the process to be conducted in two halves with long hour gaps. To avoid mishaps and effects due to these conditions, opting for home collection services can altogether avoid such issues.

So, lockdown or no lockdown, you would not need to trade your medical tests or your health with lifestyle, time and definitely this virus.



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